AIR continues

Revolutionary techniques takes entertainment to the next level.

Ever since the successful trailer release of ‘AIR’ last year, we have been working hard on the development of this first live show with drones. We have created and completed a brand new story, we brought the characters for the show to life and we have made big steps in the field of the technique for the show. All these developments come together in the renewed name. ‘Air’ is transformed to This is A.I.R. which means This is Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

At this point we stand at the beginning of a new area in the history of human-being. This subject is the perfect fit for the theme of the show. Inspired by the life-changing developments in both technique as artificial intelligence, a thrilling script is written.

From now on we would like to invite you to come along with us on ‘The Road To This is A.I.R.’. Follow us on social media, where we are going to release a series of teasers to show you more and more about This Is A.I.R. Next to this, we would like to give you a little more insight in the creation of the show by showing you ‘behind the scenes’ content. We are not only going to show you the developments we made last year, but also those we are working on at this moment.

Date & Location

At this stage we have reached a new exciting chapter in ‘The Road To This is A.I.R.’. We are currently looking for a date and location for the show. Because of the big steps we made last year in both the field of the technique as the concept for the show, there a various possibilities. In order to book a venue for the show, we need your support. Join us on ‘The Road To This Is A.I.R. and let us know on social media that you are dying to experience this show with drones. The more seats will be taken, the closer we get to the start of producing This Is A.I.R.. Together we can make it happen!


Obviously we have not only been working on the development of the technique, we have also been testing with our self-created drones and we have made it an amusing experience to watch. Want to see entertainment to the next level? Watch the unique shots of drones as flying planets here.

Who are we

This is A.I.R. is an initiative of Fjuze, a concept and event agency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Interview requests

To request an interview please send us an emailWe aim to respond to inquiries within 2 working days.